Monday, 9 January 2012

Topic 1 Algebraic Fraction (Graded Task)


To have a better understanding and clarity of the topics on Algebra, while providing a scaffolding for new knowledge.


You are required to complete a review/summary of the topic on Algebra covered thus far. The review should include any of the following: (1) key information/concept on topic, (2) linages between topics eg. how is variable linked to algebra, (3) essential formula and (4) relevant examples to bring out the essence of the topic and brought about better understanding.

Mode(s) of presentation (proposed):

1. use of media (keynote, powerpoint, pretzi etc)

2. Mind-map or concept map

3. done on paper and picture captured and uploaded.

4. and any other media/audio mode

The presentation must be uploaded into your personal blog with the link attached to the Class Maths Blog as follows:

Grading Criteria (10marks)

1. Precise Mathematical concept

2. Effective Mathematical communication (easy to understand and follow)

3. Use of media


Textbook (sec 1 and 2)

ACE learning portal


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