Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Linear Graphs

Task 1
A visitor to SST from one of the GCP schools wanted to know the direction from SST to NLB @ Clementi.
Without using any GPS and technological based tools provide a concise direction to the venue.
He is travelling alone and plans to walk to the destination.
You direction should bring him to the doorstep.
Post your direction as a comment in this blog

Task 2
Complete the following form as an introduction to Linear Graph and Cartesian Coordinates.


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  2. 1.Leave SST from the maingate.
    2.walk out to the main road.
    3.follow the mrt track to your right, but you have to be facing the mrt track.
    4.follow the track till you see the clementi mrt station
    5.look for block 322 along clementi ave 5

  3. 1) As you exit sst from the main gate turn head south along technology drive until you reach the junction where technology drive meets with the C'wealth avenue west.

    2) Walk towards the west direction down C'wealth avenue west.

    3) As you reach Clementi MRT station stop, head north east

    4) You will cross the carpark and then will come across block 322 which is where the Clementi Community Children's Library is located.

  4. 1)Walk along the MRT tracks to clementi MRT.
    2)Find The library along Clementi Avenue 5

  5. First exit the ceremonial gate to Commonwealth Ave West. Walk along Commonwealth Ave West towards Blk 414. Go further down until you reach the Clementi Polyclinic. Cross the road and head towards Blk 328. You will pass by the Clementi Branch Public Free Clinic. Continue on to Blk 325, pass the carpark and head towards Blk 322. The unit #01-235 on the first floor is the Clementi Community Children's Library.

  6. The Library is located at Blk 322 Clementi Avenue 5
    #01-235 Singapore 120322. To go there from SST, exit from the nearest gate and cross the road over to the bus stop and walk straight until you finally see Clementi Station and Clementi mall. Then find the aboved mentioned block and unti number


  7. 1) Walk out of the gate of School of Science and Technology.
    2) Turn right and walk forward.
    3) Walk right again and walk forward.
    4) Keep walking forward and cross the road.
    5) walk until he sees a Mass Rapid Transport.
    6) Cross the street via the bridge.
    7) once he is on the bridge, walk straight until he entered the doors of Clementi Mall.
    8) Use the escalator that is at the right hand side.
    9) Use the escalator up 3 stores
    10) At the 5th story, turn left and walk straight.
    11) Turn right after 15 big steps.
    12) Keep walking straight until he sees the Library.
    13) Walk towards the Library.

  8. Exit the ceremonial gate
    Exit 1 technology Drive to Commonwealth Ave West
    When at the junction, turn right and walk straight against the traffic on the pedestrian walk
    Follow the MRT tracks until reaching Clementi MRT Station
    Walk slightly further until reaching a junction exactly beside the Station
    Cross the road and enter Clementi Mall (The one with Mc Donalds at a visible location)
    Upon entering the building find a lift beside BreadTalk and proceed to the 5th floor
    Reach the Library on the 5th floor

  9. 1. Follow Commonwealth Avenue West all the way to The Clementi Mall.
    2. Turn right to Clementi Avenue 5.
    3. Go to block 322.
    4. Go to the Library.

  10. Turn right and walk out onto Commonwealth Avenue West. Walk down
    Commonwealth Avenue West to Clementi MRT Station. Walk down to Clementi Avenue 4 and turn right to Clementi Avenue 5. Turn right and walk towards Block 322.

  11. walk towards clementi mrt station,then turn right at the juncture,towards clementi police div HQ.Then head the opposite direction of the HQ toward block 322.

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  13. Task 1

    Firstly, walk to the bus stop outside our school by walking out the main gate, turn right 90º ,then walking along the passenger walkway , when you reached the tree then turn right 90º.

    Secondly, following the commonwealth ave west, walk at the passenger walkway until you reach clementi MRT station( about 15mins walk )

    Lastly, after you past a car park walk up the stairs at your right, from there you can most likely see block 324, from there walk along block 324 then turn left 90º and walk straight till you reached block 322, with is where the library is

  14. Step 1. Exit SST from the main gate.
    Step 2. Turn right and follow the pavement until you reach a fork in the pavement.
    Step 3. Turn left and continue following the pavement.
    Step 4. Stop at the nearest traffic light.
    Step 5. Cross the road when the light is green.
    Step 6. Follow the pavement and you will reach another traffic light.
    Step 7. Cross the road when the light is green.
    Step 8. Turn to the right and follow the pavement until you reach a zebra crossing.
    Step 9. Cross the road. You will be at a traffic light.
    Step 10. Cross the road when the traffic light is green.
    Step 11. You will be at another traffic light on the right. Cross it.
    Step 12. Follow the pavement and turn left at Clementi Avenue 2.
    Step 13. Follow the pavement until Clementi Avenue 5.
    Step 14. Turn right at Clementi Avenue 5.
    Step 15. Follow the pavement until you find the library. It will be on the left.

  15. Exit our school by the main gate at walk to the T point at Technology Drive. Turn right and follow the route of the MRT track. Once you see the next MRT station which is Clementi and see the overhead bridge, take the staircase up and turn left out. You should see a car-park right in front. In front of the car park is Block 322, which has the library on the ground floor.

  16. Proceed Forward 1 metre. and Turn Right.Proceed 20 metres.Turn right and head northwest on Commonwealth Ave W toward Clementi Road,walk forward approximately 100 m . Turn the right onto Clementi Rd. Turn left onto Clementi Ave 2.Turn right onto Clementi Ave 5.Turn left to stay on Clementi Ave 5. Turn RIght to stay on clementi Ave 5.Turn right and proceed forward.

  17. 1. Print out a map, draw arrows and give it to him.

    a.From the ceremonial gate of SST, he should turn right upon exiting it.
    b. Upon turning right, one should see the elevated railway tracks right in front and you will be walking along the road "Technology Drive".
    c. Keep on walking straight until you reach a junction.
    d. Upon reaching the junction, he should turn right and walk straight towards the bus stop and is also against the traffic flow.
    e. He should walk along the SST perimeter (towards the bus stop, against the traffic flow) until he reaches the junction of Clementi Road and Commonwealth Ave West. He should cross the road only once and not cross perpendicular of the MRT Tracks.
    f. He should continue walking along the pavement along Commonwealth Ave West against the direction of traffic.
    g. He may encounter a few minor roads along the way but he should cross this minor roads and not turn towards the residential estate.
    h. The moment he sees a railway station and see a pedestrian overhead bridge, he should take the escalator or stairs up to get into the station.
    i. After walking straight, he should see an elevator on the right and a stairs and escalator on the left.
    j. He should be walking straight into the mall and he should see a pair of escalators on the right.
    k. He should be going from the 3rd floor to the 4th floor via the escalators.
    l. He should turn left the moment he reaches the 4th floor and turn left the moment he sees the escalator again.
    m. He should take the escalator up to the 5th floor now.
    n. He should now turn left the moment he reaches right and turn left again.
    o. The moment he sees an opening in the mall, he should turn right and continue walking towards the end of the mall.
    p. When he sees an escalator on the left, he should turn right and walk straight.
    q. He would see the book drop and should turn right into the library.


  18. From the main gate, turn right and turn right again. Walk straight until you see the bus stop. Walk along the MRT train track past 2 bus-stops. Walk straight and turn to your right when you see the car park.Go straight and turn at the second left go straight and turn right. Go straight and turn left and continue walking straight until you see block 322